U.S. Reaches Drone Agreement with Pakistan

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A drone is a remotely controlled military device. They are becoming more popular to in modern warfare because it does not require the use of a human in the drone for it to operate. Drone strikes and complete missions can be launched from someone simply sitting on his or her couch, basically.

The technology also represents a high risk factor if the intelligence falls into the wrong set of hands. Attacks could be launched on a country just to start havoc and take innocent lives.

For this case, the U.S. has come to an agreement with Pakistan to have no more drone strikes on their country. These drone strikes happen so fast and effortlessly that Americans do not even hear about them in the news.

The U.S. has its reasons to keep an eye on Pakistan, as there are many anti-U.S. protests that occur there, warranting American military supervision.

A drone is not just a device for war. It can be used to fly in other countries and take photos and video of what is going on. Drones represent the future of not only warfare but intelligence-acquisition as well.

Using a drone is more efficient than using actual troops. It eliminates the need for ground troops to step on enemy soil, saving lives and getting the job done in a quick and orderly fashion.

The U.S. has been using drone strikes against Pakistan for the last couple of months. The number of drone strikes has gone down significantly. This makes us believe that the number of drone strikes will diminish or end for the foreseeable future.

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