Driving Safety a Constant Issue for Teens

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Driving is exciting for teens, and it teaches them important skills they will need to know the rest of their lives. Teens can start driving at 16, but many do not make an attempt until they are 18.

Driving is fun and grants teenagers a unique freedom, but with that freedom comes great responsibility.

“All electronics should be off and away when teens are driving,” English teacher Andrew Good said.

Each year over 3,000 teens are killed in car accidents. That is approximately 18 teenagers a day.

“They should be more responsible, pay attention, and take more time to practice,” ninth grader Jordan Reader said.

Teenagers are allotted six months of practice before they can take their driver’s test for their license. That is not a lot of time for teenagers to get the responsibility they need to start driving.

Driving is a privilege, and teens should not take advantage of it. Having teens on the streets is scary for most parents. Teens are more likely to get into a crash than older, more experienced drivers.

“Teens should drive, and you have to learn at some point. The training regulations require one to be much more experienced than when I started driving,” science teacher Erin Follweiler said.

Driving at night is the most dangerous time for teens. Having friends in the car is also a huge factor in teen car accidents.

“Teens should be careful driving and understand the responsibility of their actions,” substitute Brad Luckenbill said.

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