Brody Cargen: Retired Soccer Star

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5-Moyer-Brody Cargen-2013Brody Cargen is a Junior at Fleetwood Area High School. He is known by his friends for having an offbeat and bizarre sense of humor.

“He is a great kid and one of the funniest people I know,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

Cargen does not have any life goals at the moment, although he says he wants to be a special ed teacher and attend Harvard when he is older.

During his free time, Brody enjoys playing with his dog. He is a German shepherd named Jack.

Currently, Cargen does not play any sports. He played for the Fleetwood Area middle school team in seventh and eighth grade.

“He played well at soccer and tried hard,” junior Michael Osenbach said.

Brody played defense and forward.

Some of the people with whom Cargen played were Nate Mayer, Joe Kinek and Mitch Kinek. They played soccer together ever since they were kids.

“He played good defense and was a fast runner,” junior Joe Kinek said.

“He did well and tried his best,” junior Nate Mayer said.

“He is a good friend and tried when he played soccer,” Junior Mitch Kinek said.

Cargen likes to make his friends laugh and tries to have fun for the rest of the school year at Fleetwood.

“He is a great friend and is always there to make me laugh,” Junior Ryan Gantz said.

“No comment,” history teacher Paul Kochanasz added.

“Brody’s such a dandy son of mine.  He’s exceeded my expectations more than once,” Brody’s father James Cargen said.

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