Herman Takes the Helm at FAHS

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FAHS will be getting a new principal for the 2014 school year! His name is Mr. Stephen Herman. He currently is the principal at Millersburg High School. Herman has had that position for the past four years.

Herman began his teaching career in Colorado. He taught chemistry and physics. Later he became an assistant principal at the school where he taught. Soon afterward, he found an opening in Pennsylvania for a job opportunity.

This is where he grew up and where his parents live. Herman and his wife did not want their son to grow up not knowing who his grandparents were. With that, they decided to move back to PA.

When Herman takes the place of the principal at Fleetwood Area High School, he plans on conversing with teachers as well as students to get a better understanding of the environment. He wants to make Fleetwood the best he can.

Herman goes by the rule “If you make decisions based on the best interests of the students, you won’t make a wrong move.”

His main goal is for students to enjoy their high school experience. Herman also mentioned that he is very excited to meet Fleetwood students and staff.

“I’m excited to have a new principal!” freshman Luis Leon said.

“He better be cool!” ninth grader Alex Normil said.

“I think it will be a positive change for the school,” science teacher Erin Foweiller said.

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