Harvest Festivals Celebrated Around the World

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Thanksgiving is almost here again, and it is a beautiful, loving, happy time of year filled with food, family, and quality time.

Thanksgiving can also be a stressful time for the person cooking . Helping someone out on that day can keep the day happy and stress free.

Many families may have traditions or family recipes. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating this special day.

Traditions in the United States generally consist of a large feast prepared for friends and family. Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are passed around the table to welcome the cold air and autumn changes. This may not hold true in every country in the world.

On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar moon, the moon is said by the Chinese to be bright, round, and perfect. This day is known as the women’s festival. This occasion leaves women happy, loving, compassionate, and all smiles. The Chinese give a delicacy to their friends and family called moon cake.

In Rome, a ceremony called Cerelia occurs on October fourth in honor of the goddess of corn. This is said to honor the goddesses with the first produced fruits, grain, and animals. This day is now celebrated with sports, parades, and music.

African thanksgiving is celebrated with singing, dancing, music, and much more. Their dancing tells a story about traditions and rituals. Each person wears headdresses and masks. This is the celebration of yams with days of dancing and festivities. This is usually celebrated at the end of August, celebrating the end of the rainy season.

Among all of the different cultures and traditions that have been held for centuries, humans all have something similar in common: to celebrate being with loved ones, passing down traditions, giving thanks, and eating delicious foods.

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