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Allen Iverson wants the crowd to be louder“I’m happy with my decision and I feel great,” Allen Iverson said on his retirement.

Iverson was one of the smaller point guards in the NBA, at six foot even. He was born on 7 June 1975, in Hampton, Virginia. He went to Bethel High School and played football and basketball. He won the Associated Press High School Player of the Year Award in both sports. He also won AAA state titles in both sports.

He chose to go to Georgetown for two years to play basketball. In both years, he won Big East Defensive Player of the Year. He averaged about twenty-three points per game in college.

He was picked number one in the 1996 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. He later won Rookie of the Year for 1996-1997.
In his rookie season, Iverson crossed over one of the best players ever, Michael Jordan. It was in Philly where he crossed over Jordan and then sank the shot. The fans went nuts.

“He made that Philly team. He is one of the best point guards ever. He made fans come to see him. He has one of the best cross overs ever,” senior Sean Gisler said.

He was one of the first guys to play with the cornrows and tattoos. He is a trend setter in that regard, as many players now sport similar hair styles and tattoos.

Iverson is an eleven time all-star and won the league MVP in 2001 and 2005. He won the NBA scoring title four times. That is when a player averages the most PPG (points per game) in a season.

He also led the 76ers to the NBA finals in 2001 vs. the Lakers. He had one of the best games of his career in game one. That is the only game the Sixers won that series. He crossed over Tyronn Lue, who fel; Iverson then hit a three and stepped over Tyronn on the ground right in front of the Lakers’ bench.

He played for four teams in his career: Philadelphia, Memphis, Detroit and Denver. He averaged 26.7 PPG in the regular season, which is nineteenth for all time. He totaled 24,368 points. He averaged 29.7 PPG in the playoffs, behind only Michael Jordan.

ESPN rated him fifth greatest shooting guard ever. He is one of the four greatest Sixers ever.

“I’m going to always be a Sixer til I die,” Iverson said upon retiring.

He gets his number three retired on 1 March 2014, when the Sixers play Washington.

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