Typhoon Haiyan Devastates the Philippines

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“It’s so sad. Seeing all the destruction just makes me sad,” senior Cesar Avila said.

This typhoon or hurricane hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013. Its special name was Typhoon Haiyan. It was one of the strongest ever to hit these islands.

According to CNN, about 9 to 13 million people were affected.

Of those people, 4.9 million are children, and 1.5 million are under the age of 5. The death toll is around 4,200 so far, and authorities said it will continue to rise.Two-and-a-half million people need food.  Three million people have been displaced and do not have a home.

According to the UN, 2,000 metric tons of supplies were delivered. A total of $300 million dollars were requested for supplies, relief, and rebuilding materials. The US has already donated $20 million.

With 195 MPH winds, and gusts up to 235 MPH, the houses were no match for the storm. This storm started 265 miles away from the Philippines and had up to seventeen feet of seawalls. This typhoon was 3.5 times stronger than Hurricane Katrina.

The typhoon was 370 miles in width. One of the hardest hit cities was Tacloban. From the air, it now looks like a garbage dump. All along the road, bodies are rotting away because there were no body bags.

“I don’t believe there is a single structure that is not destroyed or severely damaged in some way–every single building, every single house,” US Marine Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy said after taking a ride in a helicopter over the city.

A baby was born right after the storm. A woman was at the airport and gave birth with help of US military personnel. This earned applause from the people who were at the airport. The mother, Emily Ortega, is twenty-one, and her baby girl is named Bea Joy Sagales.

“Get international help to come here now — not tomorrow, now,” she said. “This is really, really like bad, bad, worse than [heck], worse than [heck],” survivor Magina Fernandez said.

An act of heroism happened amidst the disaster when Regina Balosca Sculley, who is from Leyte, saved twenty-seven people who were 600 miles away from where she lived. Her husband had previously served two tours in the Philippines.

This took a total of thirty-six hours just to save these people, who were her family. She brought supplies for her family, and these were the first supplies to the village.

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