Car Models Dictate Teen Safety

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Purchasing a car is a tough decision for teens and parents. Teens want a fast, expensive car while parents want a cheaper, safer car for their teens.

“Volvo is a generally safer car,” wood and metal shop teacher John Heck said.

A good source for teen drivers looking to buy cars would be NBC’s top 14 safest, most reliable and fuel-efficient cars for the teen driver. Some of the cars on the list include the Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, and Ford Fusion. All of these cars are safe and under $4,000.

“Scion is safe for teen drivers,” math teacher Shannon Shetayh said.

According to, some things parents should be looking for in a car are airbags and an anti-lock breaking system. Also, they should look for an efficient car their teens can rely upon rather than a beat-around that costs more money than its ticket price.

“Toyota Corolla is a safe and reliable car,” English teacher Andrew Good said. says a Honda Civic would be a great car for teens to drive because of the quality of the car. It is a reliable car that parents will not require parents to worry as much. The Honda Civic is a little pricey but great for teens to drive.

Joan Shiner bought her granddaughter, Emily Moyer, a 2004 Mazda 3. It is a good-looking car and equally safe.  She only fills up the tank once every three weeks, and the engine has power but is not too fast.  Plus, the car was relatively cheap. Joan purchased the car for a reasonable price of $8,000.

“I chose the Mazda because it was a good car with a reasonable price and low miles. The car was in great shape, with new tires and recently inspected,” Shiner said.

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