NFL Postseason Shaping Up for Excitement

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The six seeds for the AFC in the playoffs as of right now are Denver, New England, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Baltimore.

“Denver Broncos at 10-2 will go all the way and win the playoffs,” junior Thaddeus Cornick said.

The Broncos are at the top of the AFC playoff picture. They have beaten some of the best teams in the NFL. Their only losses came against the Colts and the Patriots.

“The Broncos and Patriots will compete in the AFC championship, and it will be a high scoring competition,” Cody Wolf said.

The Broncos and the Patriots already played once. It was a tense game with the Patriots coming out on top after the Broncos had a lead of 24-7.

“Seahawks will go to the Superbowl for the NFC,” junior Austin Young said.

The Seattle Seahawks have the best record in the NFL at 11-1, only losing to the Colts. They are the number one seed for the NFC. They are the only team to clinch a playoff spot this early.

“No one can go into Seattle and win. The 12th man is a legit thing,” junior Tyler Rapposelli said.

The playoff picture for the NFC is a lot closer than the AFC playoff picture. Seattle is followed by the Saints, Lions, Cowboys, Panther, and the 49ers. In the hunt are two 7-5 teams and one 6-6 team.

“It’ll be tough for [the Eagles] to make the playoffs unless they win out and Dallas loses at least one or more game,” junior Shaq Cobb said.

The Eagles are 7-5, and so are the Cardinals. The Bears are at 6-6 and have a chance at winning the division if the Lions lose.

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