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Soccer players take their footwear very seriously. Professional players all across the world use the best cleats possible to procure every advantage they can in the game. One of the main reasons companies create hundreds of different varieties of cleats is to find a feeling that is suitable to each individual player.

Nike and Adidas are the main frontrunners in the soccer cleat world. There are many people in the world who take the footwear more seriously than the actual game itself. Many people prefer collecting the cleats as more of a hobby than actually playing.

“I prefer Nike.  That’s what I wore for the school season this year,” sophomore Matt Schlegal said.

The cleats are the weapon of all of the players across the world. Superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two biggest names in all of soccer. Ronaldo, Nike’s biggest athlete, plays for Real Madrid. Messi, Adidas’s biggest athlete, plays for Barcelona. These are two biggest players in the world, playing for the biggest teams in the world, and using the biggest brands in the world.

“I wore the Nike Hypervenom Phantom this season, and I’d have to say that I like them a lot and plan on wearing them for the future,” junior Wyatt Pennsinger said.

Nike is made up of four main silos: the Mercurial Vapor, Hypervenom, Tiempo, and CTR360. All four cleats are made for different types of players.

The Vapors are supposedly made for faster players, the Hypervenoms are made for dribbling in smaller spaces, the Tiempo is all about the touch on the ball, and, lastly, the CTR360 is made for trapping and passing. Of course, any type of player can use any type of cleat, but this is for what Nike claims they are made.

Adidas does the same general idea with their cleats also. They have 4 different silos, which include the Adizeros, Nitrocharge, Adipure, and Predator.

The Adizeros are made for speed, much like the Mercurial Vapor of Nike. The Nitrocharge, which are the newest addition to the three stripes, is made for a player who never stops running and is all over the field. The Adipure is made for the touch on the ball (which can be compared to the Nike Tiempo). Finally, the Predators, one of the two most popular Adidas cleats (along with the Adizeros), are made for shooting the ball.

There are many other brands of soccer cleats, but non are nearly as popular as Nike and Adidas. For example, Puma, Under Armor, Warrior, and many others are worn by far fewer people in the world.

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