Fleetwood Raises Money to Fight Breast Cancer

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October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month! Females and males suffer from Breast Cancer all over the world. It can be diagnosed at any age. Fleetwood Area High school raised over $1,000 this past October and donated it to Breast Cancer Foundations.

Breast Cancer forms malignant (cancer) cells in the tissue of the breast. These cells can invade surrounding tissue. If it is caught early enough, it is able to be treated. In this case the cancer patient is able to continue with a normal life.
One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in women. Breast cancer is also the second leading cause of death.

Despite being extremely rare, men are able to be diagnosed with breast cancer too. According to statistics, 2,150 men are diagnosed with it and 410 die from it every year.

Fleetwood Area High school sold T-shirts for the “pink out” in October. The school successfully sold all of them and made a decision to buy twice as many next year! It is almost guaranteed that they will sell all of them. Fleetwood students and staff have proven to be wonderfully supportive for the cause.

The bake sale brought in $150 of the total $1,000 raised. All of the money that was raised was donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of America. The reason this foundation was chosen is that ninety-one cents out of every dollar is used to find a cure for breast cancer. Fleetwood football players also wore breast cancer awareness socks during the game.
“It was super easy, super fun, and everyone should get involved in this worthy cause!” Student council advisor Karen Sahaydak said.

Risk Factors for breast cancer are the following:

  • Older age
  • Menstruating at an early age
  • Giving birth at an older age
  • History of breast cancer
  • A mother or sister with breast cancer
  • Treatment with radiation therapy to the breast or chest
  • Breast tissue that is dense on a mammogram
  • Taking hormones such as estrogen or progesterone
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Being white

“I think the Pink Out was really successful.  We got a lot of the student body involved, and we raised money for a great cause!” junior Kae Huang said.

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