Russo Finds Cons in Obamacare

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Health Care has always been a touchy topic in the United States. Many other first world countries, even some second world countries, have a system where its citizens are provided healthcare through their government or through their jobs. It helps them save some costs by not having to purchase individual healthcare, but it makes their taxes higher.

But the United States had always seemed to turn down the idea of universal health care. This was true until Barrack Obama took office in 2008, when he aimed to create a countrywide healthcare system, nicknamed “Obamacare” by critics.

Many are pleased; others are appalled.

It seems like a magnificent thing: a universal health care system in which everyone is covered and cannot be turned down due to age, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender. While it does not currently pertain or cover dental insurance, it is a healthy step toward it.

So how could anyone think this would be a bad idea? Are Americans so morally broken that they would want to turn others down from healthcare?

While many describe them as monsters, there is a very good reason for this apprehension. Obamacare would require that any person who worked 35 hours or more a week be covered by their workplace insurance.

While this may only be a slight cost in larger companies, to the smaller companies this could be detrimental. Not only might they be unable to afford it, but this may require them to lay off some employees so that they would be able to cover some of their employees. While many employees will continue to keep their current health care, the business must be able to afford the insurance at any time.

This may also mean that, instead of laying off their workers, the business would make them part-time, which would fix the problem of having to supply insurance. But, this would cause the person who now has decreased working time to either find another job that is willing to pay the insurance, find another job on top of the one he or she currently holds, or apply to the government for financial aid, allowing him or her to have governmental insurance at a much reduced rate.

Are the people who say that Obamacare is bad merely wrong? Not completely. Obamacare is a very good theory, but as far as theory goes, you never get exactly what you expect.

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