Karaoke sings its way into Fleetwood

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Fleetwood Area High School’s school board voted on an approval for a karaoke club at the high school. It will cost the district no money and will not have any fundraising. The advisor will also have to be a volunteer.

Junior Lizzay Faust is the president of the new karaoke club.

“I thought it would be nice for people who like to sing but don’t have time for chorus but still like to sing, and I enjoy singing a lot,” Faust said.

Karaoke is actually two Japanese words put together to form one word that we all know as karaoke. The first half of karaoke is the word “kara,” which comes from the word Karappo and means “empty.”  The second half of karaoke is the word is “oke,” which comes from the word Okesutura and means orchestra. So, karaoke literally means empty orchestra.

“Seems a little…odd, but it could be fun,” Matthew Kellet, head basketball coach, said.

“Ms. Steel has the meeting date undetermined at the moment. It’s also a comedy club, and we will work on skits. So far we have almost ten people,” Faust said.

Karaoke became popular about thirty years ago in the city of Kobe, which is one of the biggest cities in Japan.  However, some people believe that karaoke was founded in either in the 1950s or the 1960s in the United States, when TV-spectators started to sing by following a ball hopping above the song lyrics on their TV-screen.

“I’m completely indifferent [to the club],” senior Erica Groncki.

It was after that incident that Japan made the karaoke entertainment system, and it was only sold in Japan for twenty some years. After that, the entertainment system started to spread around the world.

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