Science Teacher McDiets

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Science teacher John Cisna ate only McDonald’s food for 90 days. Cisna approached the owner of a McDonald’s restaurant and he agreed to give breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the man for free to see the outcome of this experiment.

Cisna used strict dietary limitations while planning out his meals so that he could stay within a 2,000 calorie diet while trying to consume the proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fat calories, and cholesterol. Cisna had his students help plan these meals out for him.

If Cisna would eat a salad for lunch, he would eat a heavier dinner to balance out the calories. He also was consuming items such as ice cream and Big Macs as well.
After it was all said and done, Cisna documented that he lost 37 pounds over the 90 days, and his cholesterol went from 249 to 170.

“I get McDonalds about twice a week, and it makes me feel very happy,” sophomore Caitlyn Brown said.

Americans tend to forget it is not the places or the type of food they choose to eat; it is the portions a person consumes throughout the day.

People tend to eat fast, when, in reality, the slower you eat the faster you get full.  People also tend to eat until they feel over stuffed or until they feel full. If you stop eating when you do not feel hungry anymore, you will eat less and still get the nutrients you need.

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