Random Profile: Rebecca Reinert Makes Music at FAHS

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picRebecca Reinert is a tenth grade student at Fleetwood Area High School. She is involved in a variety of activities in the music department, including band, chorus, and orchestra.

“She is a great friend and is always there for me,” tenth grader Travis Foose said.

She has been participating in the band for three years and plays the flute and piccolo. Rebecca started playing in the band when she was in the eighth grade.

“She plays flute, violin, and piccolo. She is in orchestra and chorus. Rebecca is an excellent musician and is very nice,” band director and music teacher Charles Ebersole said.

Rebecca also plays in the orchestra, for whom she has been playing the last three years. The instrument she plays is the viola.

Lastly, Rebecca also participates in chorus. She has been singing since she was in the third grade.

“She is an amazing individual and a great person,” tenth grader Tiana Tracy said.

Rebecca loves to listen to and play music out of school. At home, she loves to play the guitar and ukulele and the piano. Her mom and dad both participate in all of her music, and want her to go further with her music in life.

She wants to go to Ohio State for music after high school. She either wants to be a music teacher when she is older or get into music therapy.

Rebecca enjoys playing classical music. She also loves to listen to music; she likes all types of music except country.

When Rebecca is not playing an instrument or singing, she also plays softball for the school. She has been playing softball for a couple years now and loves it.

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