Random Profile: Painting with Jelly

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jelly2Guiguema Angelika Dacumos, also known as “Jelly” by her fellow students, has always been a very creative person, from her childhood to her teenage years. Jelly is very good at art, though she does most of her art work at home. Her favorite hobby to do during her free time is drawing and painting with mixed media.

“I can make anything out of everything,” Jelly said.

Some of the classes she takes are art design, sculpting, ceramics, and papier-mâché. Jelly has been doing art since she was a little girl. She loves expressing her emotions and personality through her art.

Jelly is also very good at music. She does not play for the school, but she plays music at home. Jelly taught herself how to play the guitar. She also loves to listen to music. She does not really have a favorite music type, but she loves all genres.

“She is spontaneous, and she is beautiful. She has very unique dimples that are amazing,” junior Shaq Cobb said.

When Jelly was little, she loved to dance. She went to a school that was for ballet. Jelly then did ballet for seven years. The school she went to was called “The Locker School of Dance.”

Jelly is a very social girl and attends a lot of clubs in school. The clubs she is in are book club, prom committee, FBLA, and student counsel.

She is creative with her words, which she expresses with her poetry. Through her poetry, she portrays her emotions.  Apart from her creativity, Jelly is also athletic; she played volleyball her sophomore year. Jelly played from the begining of the year through winter.

“Jelly is the type of person that can make you fall off you chair laughing.  With a long, stressful day, it’s always much needed,” junior Ciara Marsh said.

For Jelly’s career, she would love to get into writing. She wants to be a journalist or have something to do with literature and English or cardiology. If she goes into cardiology, she wants to go to the University of Columbia in New York City.

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