Fleetwood Football Has Great Year

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“It feels good to have all of the hard work that you put in on the off-season and during the season pay off,” junior Tyler Emge said.

Emge had 191 attempts and carried the ball for 1,124 yards this past year. He averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He also piled up 11 touchdowns for the season, finishing sixth in the county.

“We came a long way as a team this year, and I’m proud of my guys,” senior Morgan Shigo said.

Shigo finished the season leading the state with 22 sacks. Meanwhile, he also had a pick-six (returning an interception for a touchdown). He earned second team defense.

“I love playing this game, and I enjoy playing with this group of guys,” junior Shaq Cobb said.

Cobb had 117 tackles in the season, averaging 11.7 tackles per game. This outstanding performance earned him second team defense.

“We had a good season overall as a team, and it’s good to be a part of this team,” Mike Allen said.

Allen plays for Fleetwood but attends Oley Valley High School as a junior. Allen had a Berks-leading 39 receptions for the year. He was also the first player in the program history to earn All-Berks Honors.

“It was a great season,” junior Zach Koenig said.

Zach threw a total of 202 passes and completed 115 of them. For the 115 completions, he racked up 1617 yards through the air. He tallied eleven touchdowns and only threw eight interceptions. His passer rating of 134.22 was one of the league’s best.

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