Polar Vortex Descends on Fleetwood

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“It’s almost unbearable,” junior Ryan Gantz said.

The polar vortex – a far-reaching Arctic air mass shooting southward – returned early Monday morning, 27 January, to 20 of the lower 48 states, creating subzero temperatures that were expected to last through Wednesday.

Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit, and others were expected to hit the lowest temperatures of the season to date.

“I’ve seen multiple car accidents due to the cold and the snow,” Vinny Barbarino said.

School cancellations, government office shutdowns, and public transit standstills have made many cities resemble ghost towns, as people stay inside, hidden from wind chills that are driving temperatures to double digits below zero.

Lake-effect snow in southwestern Michigan is breaking records this month. Monday brought accumulation totals for the month to 38 inches, which surpassed the old record of 29.6 inches set in January 1978. Since 1 December, the Detroit area has received 50.5 inches of snow.

“This weather freezes ponds and makes excellent pond hockey session,” junior Logan “Log” Silvius said.

In the eastern United States, temperatures in the 40s and 50s Monday helped melt piles of snow from a storm the previous week, raising the risk that roads would freeze over as the cold air approached.

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