Fleetwood Changing Credit Requirements

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Students of BCTC (Berks Career & Technical Center) over the past few years have had trouble earning the required amount of credits. BCTC students leave for BCTC almost immediately after they arrive at school in the morning.

They get back to the Fleetwood Area High School during 5th period and start their classes 6th. Doing this makes it hard for Fleetwood students to graduate with the required amount of credits. This has brought about a proposition to change the mandatory credits to an amount more feasible.

Presently for BCTC students, English, Social Studies, and Math require four credits while science requires three. Physical Education requires two credits and Health needs a total of a half credit.  Independent living, art, and family relationships each require a quarter of a credit. Design Applications and Computer Applications need a quarter of a credit each; Independent Living and Job Search currently requires a quarter of a credit. The total amount of general elective credits mandatory are five and three-quarter credits.

Assistant superintendent Amaal Awadalla came up with the idea of redistributing the required 25 credits. Around a week later, the Fleetwood Area School Board approved the proposal for graduation requirements. Starting with the Class of 2017, this change in routine will benefit the BCTC students coming from FASD.

Although the changing of mandatory credits was to benefit Fleetwood’s BCTC students, the amount of credits required will also be changing for students not going to Berks Career & Technology Center.

“It would allow students more choices and flexibility in selecting courses and give them the opportunity to take remediation courses, should they fail to meet the proficiency tests in algebra, biology, and literature,” Awadalla told the Reading Eagle.

Students in the Class of 2017 should be appreciative.

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