Hunter Tomeo: A Portrait of the Snowboarder as a Young Man

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Hunter Tomeo is a 10th grader at Fleetwood Area High School. He spends most of his time snowboarding at Bear Creek. Hunter has been interested in snowboarding for the past three years. He does not compete as of now but would like to start.

Bear Creek holds competitions for snowboarding and skiing. Hunter saw that people were getting into snowboarding, so he decided to try it himself. His favorite brand for snowboarding clothing and equipment is Burton.

When Hunter is not snowboarding, he rides BMX bikes or skateboards with his friends. He usually hangs out with Justin Madenford or Erik Clemons at skate parks. Erik Clemons has been Hunter’s best friend since 7th grade.

“He is a good friend and cool to hang out with. Also, he is good at snowboarding,” Clemons said.

Hunter has also been interested in taking photos for quite some time. He prefers to take photos of nature. Next year, Hunter plans on taking a photography class to further his skills.

He would like to continue photography as an adult as well. Hunter would enjoy being a photographer when he is older or have a job that has something to do with cameras. Recording films also interests Hunter.

Hunter has other siblings but only one full sister. Her name is Avery Tomeo. She is 13-years-old and attends school at Oley Valley School District.

“He is cool and a good friend. I enjoy going to Bear Creek with him on the weekends,” Madenford said.

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