Olympic Games Not Without Danger

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The 2014 Winter Olympics began on February 7 in Sochi, Russia. While it is entertaining to watch which country can bring home the gold, many do not realize how dangerous these sports could be.

The top three most dangerous winter Olympics sports are the Luge, Bobsled, and Skeleton. These events are the most dangerous because athletes have died while competing in them.

Skeleton consists of going headfirst down an ice chute with speeds reaching 75 miles-per-hour. Matthew Antoine won bronze for the Unites States, and his speed was 80 miles per hour. The sled has no breaks and starts lower down the mountain because of how dangerous it can be. Only one rider can operate the sled, and medals are awarded in single’s men and single’s women divisions.

Unlike the Skeleton, the Bobsled has breaks. Two men, four men, or two women can compete in this. The bobsled is very dangerous, as it reaches up to 90 miles-per-hour down an ice hill. This event has steering and breaking.
The bobsled has a moderate death rate according to sportpickle.com.

“The Skeleton is the most dangerous because you’re not attached to the board at all and you’re going face first at like 80 mph,” sophomore Gina Esposto grade said.

The luge is the most dangerous sport. On 2 February 2010, during training for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Nodar Kumaritashvili died from the luge.

According to Factmonster.com, “Luge is one of the fastest Olympic sports, with riders exceeding 90 pmh.”

Unlike the Bobsled or the Skeleton, luge riders have to push themselves to start as they are lying on their back looking up because their feet are first. There are men’s singles, women single’s, and team relay.

“Luge [is the most dangerous] because it’s the fastest Olympic sliding sport, and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, death comes very easily,” junior Shaq Cobb grade said.

“I would say the luge is the most dangerous because you go really fast down a sheet of ice, and the only thing protecting you from getting injured is a helmet,” junior Katelyn Langford said.

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