FAHS Girls’ Basketball Goes to States

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The Fleetwood girls’ basketball team started up their great season with a win against Northern Lehigh. The girls then went on to win three straight before losing to division rivals Berks Catholic.

“I knew from the beginning we were going to be a good team, but I knew there were going to be challenges along the way, and Berks Catholic is one of them,” junior Cyre Virgo said.

The Fleetwood girls would then get back to their winning ways, going on to win twelve straight games. In that span, they had many dominant performances. After this winning streak, the girls went to Conrad Weiser and fell short against the Spartans.

“Every game you must show up, and that game we didn’t,” junior Xio Toledo said.

During their twelve-game winning streak, the girls beat Berks Catholic. Both teams have one win against each other.

“Playing teams like Berks Catholic is always fun because it is like a battle,” senior Kendra Bamberger said.

As they moved on from their second loss of the season, the girls’ went on another winning streak. This time, it was just a five-game winning streak before Wilson handed the Tigers their third loss of the season.

The lady Tigers would take their Division with a Division record of 8-2. They would close out the regular season with 21 wins and 3 loses, advancing to playoffs and playing Elco in the first round.

Fleetwood went on to win 46-41 and advancing to the next round to take on rivals Berks Catholic.

Earlier in the season, they each split with one win and one loss. This time it was different, as the ladies knew their season was on the line. Fleetwood went on to beat Berks Catholic 48-40, advancing to the semifinals.

“This is the greatest feeling in the world, and we don’t want it to stop now,” junior Isabella Mullen said.

Tomorrow Fleetwood Girls’ play in the first game of the state competition.

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