FAHS Musicians Attend Counties, Districts, Regionals

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During the month of December, members of Fleetwood’s band had the opportunity to participate in county band and district band.

“It was in Exeter about three weeks ago and I liked it a lot,” Rachel Clarke said.  “I’ve been in county band since seventh grade, except my sophomore year. I also know most of the people from over the years. It is nice to get to know everybody, and I enjoy getting out of school. You also get to play more difficult pieces than those played at school, which also makes it interesting.”

In order for those band members to be a part of county band and district band, they first had to audition for it.

“Once students are in district band, they can also re-audition for region band, which I believe has fourteen counties. Two students that are in regions for band are seniors Andrew Schwartz and Nate Reinert. Those will take place on March fourteenth and fifteenth,” band director Mr. Charles Ebersole said.

“Another competition the band was in was one for jazz band, which took place on February sixteenth. There were twenty bands, and they made the top six and are going to finals March sixteenth. Senior Ben Rohde is in District 10 jazz band,” Ebersole continued.

Some other musical competitions that already took place were Senior County Chorus, District Chorus, and Regional Chorus.

“I made it to states this year and last year. Also, last year I made it to nationals, but I can’t do nationals this year because I am a senior. First, I had to try out for county and district. Once I was in districts, I got to try out for regions, and finally I got to try out for nationals,” senior Killian Grider said.

On 21 and 22 February, Junior County Chorus was held.

“To be selected for these various groups,” chorus director Mrs. Catherine Williamson said, ” students had to prepare a specified piece of music to be performed for a panel of judges. In the case of both Senior and Junior county chorus, students were competing for spots against other students from within Berks county public schools.  Students that made district chorus were competing against kids within a 7- county area; regions are even harder to get into, as it encompasses approximately 17 counties.”

Altogether, there were thirteen ninth graders who made Junior County Chorus. Six were able to go to Districts, and thirteen students made Senior County Chorus.

“Four students from Fleetwood were selected for Region Chorus, and they have the opportunity to audition for State Chorus,” Williamson said.

The four students to make it to Region Chorus are Killian Grider, Nate Reinert, Matt Masenheimer, and Sarah Rothenberger.

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