Philly Snowfall Still Pales to Alaska

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This year has been record breaking for snowfall. Compared to previous years, this is the coldest winter Pennsylvanians have had in quite a few years. Researchers gathered information stating Philadelphia has had a total of 54.8 inches of snow this year so far. According to, it has been snowing over 2 inches per hour.

“Hopefully, all the snowstorms are over with because I don’t want to make up any more snow days,” junior Kaitlyn Langford said.

The snow storms that have come through Pennsylvania this winter are nothing compared to the snow storms in Valdez, Alaska. Valdez had a total of 326.3 inches of snow last year. Having a lot of snow storms is no surprise to residents in Valdez.

Residents and newscasters were surprised, though, when storms broke the record for the amount of snow in one day last year. The total amount of snowfall was 24.4 inches, all in a twenty-four hour time period!

Residents of Valdez, Alaska, are accustomed to having a snowy winter, but last year was record-breaking for all the snow they accumulated. The media referred to Valdez as “Snowmageddon.”  In previous years, the schools closed down in fear of the roofs collapsing.

“I’m tired of all the snow and just want it to start getting warm,” sophomore Taylor Angstadt said.

Valdez, Alaska, usually gets five inches of snow in a day 23 times a year. The reason for the amount of snowfall is to due the surrounding mountains.

Snowfall usually begins in October, and the last is in April. Usually, there is no accumulated snow between June and August in Valdez, Alaska.

“I’m ready for summer!” sophomore Lizzie Geesey said.

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