Spring Fashion Trends Sprout Anew

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The 2014 spring wardrobe is a unique and tasteful collection. Different styles and trends are breaking out into stores. Long shorts are out, and short shorts are in. Stripes and leather were last year’s trend, but this year soft pastel colors are in.

“My favorite clothing to wear in the spring is short sleeve shirts and shorts,” sophomore Sophia Hadeed said.

Spring collections involve long skirts, crop tops, and quarter-length tops. Some of the pants styles are boot cut or capri pants. More pastel colors and fewer patterns were added to this year’s collection. But one pattern that will never go out of style is flowers.

“I like wearing capris and cute blouses,” junior Irene Licari said.

Crop tops are always the way to go if you cannot figure out what to wear. Crop tops compliment high wasted shorts. The bomber jacket is out for the year. Pastel yellow, blue, and pinks are the newest trend for this year’s style. Pumps and wedges are also a favorite for the new spring line.

According to Vogue, the Hawaiian pattern is always in.  Sixties-style clothing is also coming back in 2014. Vogue trends are colorful and exotic. They also go for that cultural look with different patterns and bright colors.

“I like to wear jeans, capris, and a nice shirt,” junior Cyre Virgo said.

Seventeen Magazines is sharing all the accessories for this year’s spring collection. To get a retro look, go with the cat-eye sunglasses. Turquoise jewelry is in; it also helps you pull off a bold look with a simple black dress. Gladiator sandals can help you pull off an edgy look.

“Cargo shorts and t-shirts is what I usually wear in the spring time,” freshman Luis Leon said.

InStyle.com says mesh is a trend you can wear all the time, be it spring, winter, fall, or summer. It looks good with a colored bandeau and a flared pair of pants. Long skirts are in and are not going anywhere. This year, colors for long skirts are bright and bold. Pastel colors are the new thing this year; they can help you pull off that sweet look that you’re looking for. To help mix things up, black and white can help you pull off a cool, contrasting style.

Style.com has amazing facts on the new trend of shoes for this year’s spring styles. Colorful wedges are also high fashion this year. Also, ancient Greek sandals are very trendy. Exotic pumps are a must for this year’s fashion trend. A pair of red pumps with the toes out is very stylish with a sleek, long skirt.

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