What Happened to Tiger TV?

Posted on March 27, 2014 by


In the past years at Fleetwood Area High School, students and staff have been treated to a weekly news/variety program put together by Mr. Sean Gaston and the TV media students. This year, Gaston decided not to run Tiger TV.

“Just talk to some of the junior or seniors that are in TV media 1 and 2,” Gaston said.

“No one really does their projects on time or even takes them serious anymore besides a select few,” junior and media 2 student Frankie Talarico said.

In the past, students enjoyed Tiger TV. It always aired on Friday, and students looked forward to watching it every week.

“It’s not like the projects were hard or anything; people were just too lazy to put the effort in,” junior Brody Cargen said.

People not taking this class seriously ruined something that a lot of people enjoyed. A lot of students would be happy if Tiger TV came back on the air. It brightens up everyone’s mood and gives students a laugh or two every episode.

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