Burger King Baby Finds Birth Mother

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Twenty-seven year-old Katheryn Deprill can also be now known as the Burger King Baby. Soon after she was born, Newborn Katheryn was left in a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Although Katheryn is a successful woman with a husband and three children of her own, she was missing something in life. A part of her wanted to know the facts about her real mother.

Katheryn, living in Whitehall Township, decided to find out the facts about her missing mother. She decided to make a Facebook post on 2 March, including a picture of her saying, “Looking for my birth mother. She gave birth to me 15 September 1986. She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom, only hours old, Allentown PA.”

Katheryn got her wish. The picture she posted was shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook and caught the attention of the woman who, six months ago, also went on the search to find her long lost daughter. Katheryn’s biological mom then contacted an attorney who set up an arrangement for them to meet.

Before the meeting, the attorney explained to Katheryn the reason her mother left her. It was soon told to her that her mother, only 17, had been raped and hid the pregnancy from her parents. Upon giving birth at home, Katherine’s mother decided she could not take the baby to the hospital because of questioning and her parents finding out. Instead of contacting anyone to help, the baby was left in the bathroom, only hours old, soon to be found by a worker.

Katherine was very understanding of the situation, and she proceeded to want to meet her birth mother. The two women broke the ice by hugging, and Katherine stated that she “got the hug she had wanted for the last 27 years.” The pair talked for hours, exchanged information, and answered the questions that both have been waiting to ask.

Attorney Waldron also stated that the moment he experienced between them was one of “the most emotional, joyful, dramatic, exciting things he has ever seen.”

After hours together, Katherine’s mother, whose name has not been revealed, admitted to regretting her decision. Katherine, however, completely forgave her mother, and they both agreed to keep in touch.

“We will now have a close relationship,” said the Burger King baby who know has found what was missing, her real mother.

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