Changes Planned for Fleetwood Pool

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The Fleetwood pool has been attracting families and teenagers all over the community for many years. In addition to a pool, there is a snack shack, slide, two diving boards, and a baby pool. They even have a “Dip and Dance” throughout the summer.

This year there will be changes to the Fleetwood pool. Now is a great time to become a member at the Fleetwood pool. Before 15 May, a family pool pass for Fleetwood Borough residents of four would cost $188.50. For non-Fleetwood borough residents, the cost is $250 for a family of four.

There are a few different ways to purchase a Fleetwood Pool Pass. Call 1-818-248-1872, ext.200, to give your membership information over the phone. To purchase a membership after 15 May, visit to apply for a pool pass online.

It is recommended you leave a message if there is a recording when calling the number above. Workers will do their best to call back as soon as possible for your membership information.

“I don’t usually go to the Fleetwood Pool, but it sounds like they will have good improvements,” sophomore Lacey Greiss said.

Membership cards will be given at your first visit to the Fleetwood Pool. A photo I.D. will also be taken at that time.

Sign-up before 15 May to save money. After you purchase the pool pass, the first two passes you order will only have a membership fee of $7.50 and the rest of them are free. If you sign up after 15 May, the cost is $173.50 plus $15 total for Fleetwood Borough Residents. Registering after 15 May will be $173.50 plus $7.50 per person. Senior Citizen and Nanny passes are offered as well.

For anyone looking for a job, the Fleetwood Pool is hiring. They offer full-time or part-time hours, flexible schedules, great wages, and no experience necessary. To apply call 877-248-1872 or apply online at http://www.USAMANAGEMENT.COM.  Head Guard, lifeguards, and swim instructors are needed.

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