Malasysian Flight Meets Tragic End

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A Malaysian flight that left on Friday, 8 March, en route to Beijing went missing and has not been seen since.
It never reached its destination and was not seen on the radar much after its departure.

There has been much speculation onto what might have happened. Some say terrorism, hijacking, or mechanical malfunctions.

The plane was missing for two weeks, leaving the loved ones of the passengers in despair and disbelief.

“I think it’s sad that the loved ones had to put up with not knowing what happened,” junior Mitch Kinek said.

The pilot had a flight control practice station in his home. There is a certain timeframe when planes are off the radar for a little bit, according to the New York Times. Some people think that the pilot tried to hijack the plane and fly it to Iran.

Then, on 20 March, satellite photos of what appeared to be floating objects in the Indian Ocean were seen by the Malaysian government. They were two white pieces about a couple of kilometers apart from each other.

“I think that the plane had a malfunction and crashed,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

The search for the plane only intensified on 26 March when the Malaysian government concluded that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean.

The government said that it crashed in the Indian Ocean west of Perth, Australia, and that it was too far away from any possible landing site.

There were no islands near where the plane pieces were found. Officials concluded that the plane would have run out of fuel at that point.

With deep sadness, the families of the victims were told that there are no possible survivors.

“It’s really sad,” junior Mitch Kinek said.

“It’s really weird,” junior Joe Kinek said.

The Malaysian government is trying to find the radio beacon inside the plane that would tell them all the vital facts they need to know about the plane flight and what happened.

“The situation with the Malaysian flight is tragic. I watch the news to find out more things about it every day,” Jennifer Houp said.

The search was delayed for a couple of days due to bad weather in Australia.

How do we know that everybody died? The government said that the plane crashed in one of the most remote places on Earth. It would have been impossible for anybody to have survived.  If they would have survived the crash, they would not have survived for very long.

A dozen aircraft from Australia, United States, Japan, South Korea, and China will scour for debris over a 2,500 k.m. (1,550 miles) area.

The United States is sending an undersea Navy drone. Australia is sending their Navy, as is China.

“I think it’s cool that everybody is helping out,” freshman Trevor Koenig said.

If the search teams can find the “Black Box,” they can figure out what happened during the flight. A black box is the data recorder that is on the plane that would be able to tell if it was mechanical failure or any other scenario that might have happened.

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