Fleetwood Graduate Breaks National Story

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Ali Watkins, a Temple University intern, broke a national story that has made people from the U.S. Senate question the CIA. Watkins is a graduate from Fleetwood Area High School.

“Until proven, they shouldn’t make any claims, but, if they were spying, something should happen,” sophomore Sophia Hadeed said.

Watkins and two other reporters released information on 4 March that the CIA was reportedly spying on the American people. According to the report, the CIA was monitoring computers that the Senate aides used.

“The CIA shouldn’t be looking at anything they don’t have permission to; it isn’t constitutional,” sophomore Brooke Schaeffer said.

Monitoring computers in this fashion violates agreements between Congress and the CIA. From what is being said by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the CIA improperly searched a stand-alone computer network that is only for Congress.

“They shouldn’t be looking at information that isn’t their own or that they have permission to,” sophomore Sampson Lerch said.

In her article, Watkins quoted Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., saying that she had “grave concerns that the CIA’s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution.”

“I don’t think they should be spying on anyone,” junior Lizzay Faust said.

The committee is saying that the CIA improperly accessed Senate Computers. Despite that, Brennen, director of the CIA, says the CIA would not do that. Brennen has denied any kind of computer hacking taking place.

“It’s unconstitutional,” T.V. Media teacher Sean Gaston said.

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