German Club Places Second in Competition

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On 27 March 2014, eleven teams from six different school districts competed in Kutztown’s World Language Meet. Fleetwood’s German language students came in second place.

“The competition was from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. There were thirteen people, so we ended up taking two vans,” German teacher Mrs. Christine Moll said.

According to an article in the Morning Call, there were about 220 students from six different high schools: Phoenixville, Kutztown, Nazareth, Fleetwood, Parkland, and Roberto Clemente.

“We competed in three events, and students could compete in German, French, or Spanish competitions. From our school, only the German students went,” Moll said.

Roberto Clemente’s team won the competition with 282 points, and Fleetwood’s High School German club had 280 points, according to Morning Call.\

“One of the events that we were in was called ‘taboorades,’ which was half Taboo, where the students had to get their partners to guess a word without using the Taboo words, and it was half charades, where they had to act the words out and say nothing in English.  We got second place in that one,” Moll said.

The competition took place at Kutztown University, where about seventy-five students and faculty members volunteered to help with the daylong event. The contest was designed to test the student’s language skills with their specified foreign language, according to the Morning Call.

“The other two events we were in were called GoAnimate, where students had to add dialogue into the scenarios they picked off of a computer, and Cultural Presentations, where students made a presentation ahead of time and presented them there. We got also got second in those events,” Moll said.

Students also could take a college tour with all of their directions written in their foreign language. Students were able to take a language placement test, and if they scored high enough, they could potentially get college credits.

“It was fun and exciting. I volunteered to be part of the skit, and I was a busdriver. Our class was the only one with a skit, and everyone else used a presentation,” senior Kyle Ahner said.

This is the second year the competition has taken place, with last year’s event acting as a test run to see how it would work, according to the Morning Call.

“My famous line was ‘ach mein bein’, which means ‘ouch my leg’. I enjoyed the food and my event, which was the cultural presentation challenge,” junior Becky Zerbe said.

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