Consumers Put Off by Ugg Factories

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Did you ever wonder how your Uggs are made?

Ugg boots, a popular brand for women and men, were originally made in Australia and New Zealand and are naturally made from sheep skins and wool.

Even though Ugg boots are very comfortable, the sheep that the materials come from are often treated questionably and cruelly.

“I don’t endorse brutally killing animals, but I am also a carnivore who likes his leather clogs.  I am, however, opposed to outright brutality in the process,” English teacher Zachary Steven Houp said.

Once individuals figure out what Uggs are actually made of, some people’s reactions are surprising. Instead of just shaving the wool off the sheep to get the fluffy fur, they kill the sheep, then take off the skin with the fur still attached, and then they create boots and different types of shoes.

“I love wearing Uggs.  They are so comfortable, but I don’t I don’t agree with brutally killing the animals just to get the boots,” 10th grader Katie Lochmen said.

After removing the sheep from the skin, manufacturers could take the meat to be processed for food. In 2013, Ugg Australia sold nearly $712 million dollars of the shoes made of sheepskin.

“I love Uggs, but I don’t agree with killing the animals,” 11th grader Katelyn Langford  said.

Ugg boots were created in 1978 in Australia. The Ugg boots were originally made for pilots in World War 1. In the 1970s, surf shops in California would sell limited amounts of Ugg boots.

“Animals shouldn’t be killed for boots, but Ugg boots are very comfortable and my favorite thing to wear,” sophomore Sophia Hadeed said.

The word “Ugg” originated from the word “ugly.” Some of the styles of boots are made from a kangaroo’s fur and leather.

“I have a few pairs of Uggs, but I never knew how they were actually made, but I still enjoy wearing UGG boots,” 10th grader Brooke Schaeffer said.

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