Theatre Tops List of Worst-Paying Jobs

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Many seniors in Fleetwood Area School District have already chosen a career pathway and started applying to colleges, but some have no idea what we want after this year is over. Some things to consider while choosing a dream job is how much it will pay and how much advancement is possible.

According to research from Georgetown University, these are the 10 top jobs to consider not leaning towards because they are the worst paying jobs in 2013. Although money is supposed to be second to following your heart, it is nice to have enough money to support yourself in the future.

The number ten worst-paying job is music. The unemployment rate is 9.2% and is at a starting salary of $30,000 a year. Most will not end up like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber and roll in cash by starting in the music business.

Number nine is film, video, and photographic arts with an unemployment rate of 12.9% and a salary of $30,000. You will most likely have a better chance if you get into popular firms or studios than being in your own practice.

Number eight is liberal arts. The starting rate in liberal arts is 9.2%, and the starting salary is $30,000 a year.

Number seven is psychology with an unemployment rate of 7.6 percent and a starting rate of $30,000 a year. Most practices that are your own will not be as successful as large-paying businesses.

Number six is philosophy and religious studies, starting again at $30,000 and with an unemployment rate of 10.8%.

Number five is social worker with a salary at $30,000 a year and an unemployment rate of 6.6%.

Number four is fine arts with an unemployment rate of 12.6% and a salary of $30,000. This has a very high unemployment rate, but skill level and location could change your success rate.

Number three is physical fitness at a salary of $30,000 a year and an unemployment rate of 8.3%. Again, which field a person enters could indicate a big difference in salary, such as a gym teacher versus a physical trainer or body builder.

Number two is anthropology and archaeology at a salary of $28,000 and an unemployment rate of 10.5%.

Number one is drama and theater at a salary of $26,000 a year and 7.8%.  It is important to realize that, just because you do not get paid a decent amount or you might not be saving lives, if you love your job and you support yourself, do what you love. Not enough people can say they love their jobs.

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