Fashion Diversified between Koreas

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The fashions of North Korea and South Korea are very different. Religion and other traditions dictate the wardrobe of North Koreans, which is more plain and business-like, whereas South Korea has a simple, neat, and clean style.

North Korea’s wardrobe is very professional but does not have much of an exotic look. The women have a wide variety of skirts, dress pants, and dresses. Most of the men in North Korea wear business suits and military uniforms. The women have eighteen different hairs styles they have to pick from, whereas the men only have ten.

“I would never be able to only have 18 different styles to choose from.  If I want a change, it wouldn’t be much of a difference,” junior Katelyn Langford said.

The fashion of South Korea is influenced by Western countries and is more elegant and fancy than their northern neighbors. They base their style of clothing off of their own culture with popular apparel such as the Hanbok worn on special occasions, dating back to the 1400s.

“In South Korea, it wouldn’t be much of a difference because of the clothing being the same as America,” sophomore Sophia Hadeed said.

Men and women in South Korea wear the same clothing as people in U.S. or Canada. Popular brands such as Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Forever 21 are worn all around the world. In South Korea, there is a wide variety of hairstyles that allow people to more freely express who they are.

“If I had to choose between 20 hair styles, I would cut my own hair,” freshman Luis Leon said.

South Korea and America are not much different in wardrobe and hairstyles, but, in North Korea, they have more of a stern way of living and expressing themselves through clothing.

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