Baby Charged With Murder in Pakistan

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Shocking news has emerged from Pakistan: a 9-month-old baby has been charged with murder. This is no joke: a baby charged with murder.

On 1 February, police went to the little boy’s home to get an unpaid gas bill from the parents. A little scuffle started between the family and the police.

The father, a teenage boy, and several other residents in the house were in conflict with the police. Bricks were thrown. There were several severe injuries.

The residents were charged with stoning and attempted murder. Why the baby was blamed remains unclear. The 9-month-old little boy showed up in court and was booked while his grandfather held him up. The baby’s fingerprint matched a piece of paper the police used to determine the person throwing the bricks.

“How can someone charge an innocent baby with murder?” junior Piper Brown said.

The family is saying that the police filed a fake case. The official in charge of the crime scene has been suspended.

The case was finally closed on Saturday. People of the community were disappointed with the officials because they say charging a baby means no one took enough care to verify the ages and the people of the actual incident.

“People in this world!” junior Ryan Gantz said.

There have not been too many cases where babies are being charged with murder. However, anything could happen.

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