War Brewing in North Korea

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North Korea has been in headlines across the world again for attacking South Korea unofficially as they shelled waters at the Northern Limit line, a dividing line for both North and South Koreas. South Korea fired back and deployed fighter jet aircraft to show that they are willing to fight back against the oppressive country and its dictating leader, Kim Jong Un.

North Korea also is continuing on their forsaken quest for a WMD, or weapon of mass destruction in the form of a nuclear tipped ballistic missile, which they will presumably use to show the world their power. Kim Jong Un also looks to China to help support them politically and financially, while South Korea looks to the United States for help with the protection of their country. The United States currently has just over 28,000 troops in South Korea, and there were talks of putting armored units in as well to counter the lack of armored units of the South Korean Army.

The major worry is the fact that North Korea has one of the largest standing militaries in the world, as almost every male in the country is part of the army in some way. Also, more than half of their forces are located fewer than 20 miles from the 38th parallel, the separating line of the Korean Peninsula.

U.S. Military officials are thinking about revamping the American military due to the threat of war in North Korea, including producing more winter gear for soldiers and changing the color schemes on most of the military vehicles from a dessert camouflage to a color matching the Korean Landscape.

Also, a larger military presence in South Korea may dissuade the North Korean Military Staff from encroaching on South Korea. Unfortunately, it also could have the opposite effect as well, by threatening them on their homeland. Only time will tell if the situation will diffuse itself or ignite into another war.

“They would be pretty [silly] if they attacked us. China won’t get behind them, and the rest of the world hates them,” junior Justin Kachel said.

Indeed, the Korean War never technically ended, and that shows today as aggressions continue between the two countries formed quickly after World War II. The end of the Korean War was only reached through a mutual agreement of the 38th parallel, and the treaty was signed under Democratic President Harry Truman.

With the world already focused on what is happening in Ukraine, will the Second Korean War ignite while the world is already pre-occupied? Or will this feud continue to simmer and boil, with no real conflict erupting, as the last 50 years have been?

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