Murrysville School Recovers from Student Violence

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On Wednesday, 9 April, a total of 24 people were left injured in a school in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, located fifteen miles east of Pittsburgh. Alex Hribal, a 16-year-old boy, began stabbing students and security guards at Franklin Regional Senior High School. Twenty-one students and one security guard were stabbed as Hribal used two 8-10 inch long knives in the crowded hallway of the school.

At the beginning of the school day, students gathered in the hall of the school. One student, Nate Moore, noticed what he thought was a fistfight between two students. He went to break up the fight but soon realized that Hribal was not throwing punches; he was stabbing the victim. Moore was slashed in the eye, and then Hribal ran down the hall on a rampage.

At least five students were critically wounded and taken to the hospital by helicopter. One boy’s liver was pierced, just missing his heart, while the others suffered from puncture wounds in the abdomen.

A security guard also suffered from injuries, along with other minor injuries to other students. The assistant principal, Sam King, was treated at the hospital although he did not have any stab wounds.

King tackled and disarmed the boy as a police officer handcuffed him. The suspect was taken into custody and was also treated for injury with a minor hand wound. He was charged with twenty-one accounts of aggravated assault and four accounts of attempted homicide. He was prosecuted as an adult and was jailed without bail.

Police are not sure what set off the attack. Investigators reported a phone call between the suspect and another student the night before. The FBI then went to the boy’s house and planned to confiscate and search his computer. Nate Moore also recalled that Alex had had not said anything, did not look angry, and had a blank expression on his face during the attack.

A week later the school’s doors were once again reopened. Before school started, students gathered behind the school to pray and support each other. Once at school, a recent church held signs saying “Courage” and “It’s a new day.” Crisis intervention specialists, counselors, and officials also spent the day at the school to comfort the students.

Although it was hard for many, students had warm welcomes for heroes from the stabbing, such as Brett Hurt, who shielded one of his friends and was injured doing it.

Currently, four students remain in the hospital. One is still in critical condition while the others are in fair condition.

The Murrysville community also held a blood drive to help replenish supplies used for the injured students. Students and staff said they are very hopeful for the future.

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