UConn wins NCAA Tournament

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The NCAA Basketball tournament started on March 21. The tournament is organized by seeds, and the NCAA committee chooses 64 teams to play in it.

After the round of 32 comes the Sweet Sixteen. The teams in this year’s Sweet Sixteen were Florida vs. UCLA, Dayton vs. Stanford, Virginia vs. Michigan St., Iowa St. vs. Connecticut, Arizona vs. San Diego St., Baylor vs. Wisconsin, Kentucky vs. Louisville, and Tennessee vs. Michigan.

The teams who survive the Sweet Sixteen make up the Elite Eight. Hardly anybody in the country who filled out brackets had the Elite Eight even close to being right this year. That is what makes filling out brackets so fun.
Florida vs. Dayton, Michigan St. vs. Connecticut, Arizona vs. Wisconsin, and Kentucky vs. Michigan were the match-ups in the Elite Eight.

The Final Four games were played on 5 April. Making it to the Final Four is a big deal for college teams, with an extra level of publicity coming with it. It can be especially interesting if an underdog makes it this far.

This year’s Final Four was Florida vs. Connecticut and Wisconsin vs. Kentucky: an eight seed vs. a one seed and a two seed vs. a nine seed. Who could have seen that one coming?

“It’s crazy; nobody could have seen that one coming in the beginning of the year,” junior Mitch Kinek said.

The underdogs ended up winning both games. Connecticut and Kentucky would be playing for the championship.
UConn won the game 60-54, led by their Senior Point Guard Shabazz Napier. He was named MVP of the tournament.

“This year was a crazy year for basketball,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

Nobody could have expected the University of Connecticut to win the National Championship.

The men’s team was not the only team that won from the University of Connecticut. The women’s team also won, capping off an undefeated season against Baylor.

They now have two banners to hang in the gym, which is a very special accomplishment.

“It’s very incredible that a team could do that. Just to win the National Championship is special, but to have two teams win it is incredible,” junior Joe Kinek said.

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