UConn Women’s Basketball Wins National Title

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UConn Women’s basketball went undefeated this season, winning their ninth national title. In 1995, their record was 35-0. UConn beat Tennessee in the championship game that year with a score of 70-64. Their most outstanding player in 1995 was Swin Cash.

In 200,3 they also won the championship game against Tennessee with a score of 73-68. During 2003, their most outstanding player was Diana Taurasi. The following year, UConn played the same team for the championship game and won once again.

During 2009, UConn went undefeated all season, including winning the championship game with a score of 76-54 facing Louisville. In 2010, UConn was undefeated once again all season, playing Stanford for the championship game. UConn won 53-47.

“UConn has been doing really well in their games,” junior Kayla Lynn Daniels said.

In 2013, UConn won their eighth national championship game against Louisville. The final score was 93-60. Also, UConn won the championship game again this past year against Notre Dame.

UConn’s head coach has had luck in coaching their team to make a successful outcome during games. Geno Auriemma is the head coach of UConn’s women basketball team.

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