Draper’s Descent Headlines Mad Men Season Seven

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Mad Men is an American television drama that debuted on AMC in 2007 and is now in its seventh and final season. The season was broken up in two halves, with the first half wrapping up last Sunday and the second half to air next year. AMC used this same model with Breaking Bad and was successful in drawing in new viewers as well as keeping the attention of old ones.

Mad Men has been lauded by critics for being a realistic look at the world of advertising in the 1960s. The show’s main character, Don Draper (Jon Hamm), is an enigmatic creative executive with a shady past and who struggles with what some would call alcoholism. The start of season seven saw Draper ostracized by his advertising firm after breaking down emotionally in a meeting.

He returns in season seven only to find himself in a demoted position and with new restrictions. The show’s writers have hinted at, both overtly and subtlety, the fact that Draper is losing his importance in the office. In the most obvious metaphor for his diminished worth, a room-sized computer is installed where the creative team used to work. The computer represents the future for both advertising and America in general.

Other characters are struggling to adapt to the changing atmosphere in America during this time (the year is now 1969). Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss), who has been slowly rising through the ranks of the advertising firm since her arrival as a secretary in season one, found herself in a position of newly-acquired power at the beginning of season seven, but the stress of the job seems to be taking a toll on her. She already broke down earlier in the season, and who knows where she’ll be at the end of the season next year?

Peggy is unique in that she is one of the few females with a high ranking job in this time period, and perhaps this is why she feels extra pressure to succeed. Watching her rise to the position has been one of the more interesting storylines in the series.

Of course, there are many other characters and subplots that cannot be discussed because of spoilers. If you have the time, the series is available on Netflix instant view for streaming up to the most recent season. It is well worth the ride, and there’s plenty of time to catch up before the show wraps up next year.

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