Seven Dead after Shooting Rampage in California

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A gunman in Santa Barbara, California, went on a rampage on Friday, 23 May, killing seven people and eventually himself near the University of California. Six of the victims were students at the University. Police found a disturbing video rant that was posted on YouTube right before he stabbed three people to death, which stated he would seek revenge against humanity.

Police identified the man as Elliot Rodger. After stabbing the three people in his apartment, Rodger shot three more and injured thirteen others while he drove around Isla Vista beach. Police also later found the guns used in the shooting.

Weihan Wang was one of the men who lived with Rodgers in their apartment. He was studying to be a computer engineer. All of the men in the apartment had previously planned to move out because they were not getting along with Rodger.

Cheng Yuan Hong was another of the three men stabbed in the apartment. Hong graduated from Lynbrook High School and was majoring in computer science. George Chen was the last from the apartment to be found. He was also studying Computer Science and was originally from Ottawa.

Rodger shot the other three people. These people where Katherine Cooper, Christopher Martinez, and Veronika Weiss. Katherine was a painter who was about to graduate with an art degree. Christopher was an English major who was planning on attending law school in London after graduation. Lastly, Veronika was a straight A student who was planning on working with finances.

There were also numerous people who were injured or shot at but not wounded. One woman, Sierra Swartz, said she encountered Rodger, and he began shooting at her but missed each time. There were other people who were wounded during the rampage. After this rampage, Rodger then killed himself.

Rodger’s family had tried to stop the rampage before it happened. His mother received a call from her son’s therapist, who had received an email about the rampage. However, by the time his mother arrived on the scene, the damage was already done. Now, the family is dealing with great grief and sorrow for the families that had to go through this.

The University canceled classes on Tuesday the 27th and said it was a day to remember the lives taken on Friday. Over 20,000 people came to the campus stadium to share memories and morn the lives lost. Several speakers spoke and led prayers. Also, lawmakers led a discussion to talk about preventing this from happening again and proposing a gun violence restraining order. Everyone agreed that each of these people left a mark on the world and will be remembered.

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