Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Tie the Knot

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot. They had an absolutely gorgeous day in Florence, Italy.

Kim and Kanye had been planning their big day for a while now. They wanted it to be the wedding of the century. They definitely made it a day to remember.

They were married in a private ceremony in the Italian city of Florence. A ton of fans crowded Fort Belvedere while guests began to gather. While Bruce Jenner walked Kim down the aisle, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sang “Con te Patiro”.

She wore a white lace Givenchy dress that cost nearly $2 million dollars. Their rehearsal dinner was also an estimated $1 million. Kim and Kanye threw an extra $7 million towards other items for their wedding.

Tourism Ireland was going to capitalize on the publicity of having the world’s most famous newlyweds in the country for their honeymoon.

The site of the wedding was Fort Belvedere, costs $400,000 to rent out for the day of their wedding. It was built by Grand Duke Ferdinado l de’medici and designed by Bernado Buontaleni during the late 16th century. It was also ruled by the Medici family during this time.

“I wish I was able to attend their wedding because Kanye is my favorite rapper,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

In July, Kanye West will return back on tour, preforming a concert in Dublin’s, Marlay Park. As of now, newlyweds Kim and Kanye are spending their time on their honeymoon to Ireland, staying in a luxury rural estate in Cork. Kris Jenner is babysitting their son North while they enjoy their honeymoon.

A bunch of candid photos were released by guests attending the wedding. Kim finally posted official pictures on Monday, two days after the wedding. Kim and Kanye had their wedding kiss in front of a wall built of white flowers.

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