Heat and Spurs Face Off in the Finals Once Again

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It is what everyone wanted and expected to see, another Heat vs. Spurs final series. For the fourth consecutive year, the Miami Heat find themselves in the NBA Finals once again. It also makes it the second consecutive time they will see the San Antonio Spurs fighting them for the crown.

“Everyone should have figured it would have been these two again; they’re just too good right now,” sophomore Greg Kambakis said.

The San Antonio Spurs came close to closing the Heat out and winning the title until Ray Allen hit a game-tying three pointer to give Miami life. This happened a few minutes before the majority of the fans were leaving the stadium, thinking their team lost the title.

Unfortunately for San Antonio, LeBron James and the Miami Heat were not going to go out that easily. They completed their comeback and went on to win the title for the second year in a row. This year, Miami will surely be looking to complete the infamous “Three-Peat.”

“I would love to see LeBron and the rest of the Heat team win a three-peat,” junior Gary Gabriel said.

The Spurs came agonizingly close last year, and this might be their last chance at the title for a little while considering the ages of their main players. LeBron James will surely be pushing his Heat team as much as he can to complete the three-peat.

This possible next title would do wonders for LeBron’s legacy, especially if he wants to ever be considered better than Michael Jordan. The debate has been going on for quite some time now, Jordan or LeBron, and  everyone has his or her opinion. Either way, James still has some work to do to officially be the “best ever.”

“If LeBron wins this title, the possibility of him being the best ever will look more possible,” junior Matt Masenheimer said.

James has plenty of time to win more titles than Jordan, but it will be tough, and it will take a lot of hard work.  Through the first eight years of both of their careers, LeBron James’ stats show to be a bit better than Jordan’s, but according to some, that means nothing if the championships do not come with it.

San Antonio will be looking to spoil that conversation by keeping James from his third title, and they just might do it. They have been incredible this season, when the Heat were not too great in the regular season. Spoelstra always seems to get the team playing marginally better in the post-season. Miami always seems to be on a completely different level in the playoffs.

“Miami is way better in the post-season, but I think it will be San Antonio this year,” junior Brendan Homan said.

It will surely be a very entertaining series and most likely go to a game 7, but what else can you expect in a championship series with two incredible teams competing once again? They both dominated their matchups in the earlier rounds of the playoffs and deservedly are competing for a title for the second time in two years. They both want it badly, but for different reasons: the Heat for the three-peat, and San Antonio because this might be their last chance for a little while.

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