Fun Facts About Presidents

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People know a lot of the big things that American Presidents have done in history, but it is the little facts that make the presidents who they really are.

Every president has their fair share of interesting stories, but not many people know some of the things that the presidents have done.

One example of a little known fact about a president is that William J. Clinton once played the saxophone on national television.

“I don’t really know anything about the presidents; it doesn’t really interest me,” junior Wyatt Pennsinger said.

President Taft once was stuck in a bathtub due to his size and weight.

Another thing many people didn’t know is that George Washington’s teeth actually were not wooden. They were made of gold, ivory, lead, and animal teeth.

President John Adams used to skip school to go fishing and hunting; this is hard to believe for someone who went on to become the president of the country.

“That’s pretty interesting that he used to skip school a lot and became the president,” senior Doug Karpeuk said.

Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, and Andrew Jackson taught his parrot to curse.

“You’d figure a president would have accomplishments like that, considering he became the president,” sophomore Greg Kambakis said.

There are many facts about America’s presidents that many people do not know. You never know what interesting tidbit could be dug up about a president.

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