Fleetwood Tigers Save Tigers

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Tigers are among the most famous and feared animals on the planet. They have been a symbol of power, wisdom, and strength. But they have slowly been disappearing off the face of the earth. With less than 5000 in total, the next generation will never be able to witness the awe-inspiring Bengal tiger or the beauty of the Siberian tiger. But one high school club, ACCEPT, with the help of the Fleetwood Area School Administration, has begun to try and raise money to help save these graceful animals.

The ACCEPT club, run by President Samantha Breen, has been working side-by-side with the World Wildlife Foundation in an operation code-named Tigers Saving Tigers. While the program was started late this year, it will stick around as long as Fleetwood is willing to host it, with the help of the club’s advisor, English teacher Mr. Marc Walter.

Walter had the inspiration for this idea from a commercial on TV that he saw at home. He took the initiative and brought the idea up with the ACCEPT club, which in turn pushed it through the school Administration. They have already begun to plan out large fundraisers for next year to help raise money, such as a sponsored Magic: the Gathering tournament.

But this goes far beyond just saving a tiger or a few tigers. It shows how the students of Fleetwood Area High School rally behind a cause that truly has purpose instead of just being superficial and wanting something for the school. The students realize that they impact the world much beyond their small community.

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