Misa’s Fugue Screens at Toronto Jewish Film Festival

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Misa’s Fugue is a movie directed by Fleetwood media teacher Mr. Sean Gaston.  It was created by Fleetwood Area High School students and staff.  It also recently played at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Toronto Jewish Film festival is the largest Jewish Film Festival in the world.  It was held on 1-11 May. It is a festival for the upcoming Jewish films of the year.

Misa’s Fugue is perfect for this because it shows the hardships inflicted upon the Jewish people during World War II.

For the showing of Misa’s Fugue, there were 5 buses of students from local high schools. They showed the movie on May 5.

The students were from local high schools all over Toronto. They had a huge crowd, which is awesome for what startged as a small school project.

Misa’s Fugue is about a Holocaust survivor named Frank Grunwald.  The tear-wrenching film is an in-depth look of is life during the Holocaust.

Frank lost his mother and his brother in the Holocaust. He tells how he survived the Holocaust and how it affects his life today.

“I think that it’s awesome for our school,” Junior Matt Hook said.

The movie was made in 2012 and was primarily created with the help of Fleetwood Area High School students.

“It is really awesome that our school made a movie and now it’s shown  all over the country,” junior Mitch Kinek said.

“I saw the movie, and I thought it was good, so I’m not surprised that other kids would like it too,” sophomore Sampson Lerch said.

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