Random Profile: Garcia a “Uniquely Pretty Person”

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Garcia“He’s a uniquely pretty person,” junior Hunter Zagorski said.

Xaiver Garcia is eighteen-years-old and a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. The two things he loves the most about going to Fleetwood are the people and the sports teams. He says that the people are nice and everybody gets along most of the time. He hates the new block scheduling system because he does not like sitting in the same classroom for so long. He plays hockey because he loves the thrill and excitement of winning and scoring goals.

As for college, he has no idea where he would like to go yet. He just knows that he would prefer to stay local if possible. Filming is a large interest of his, and he wants to attend college for filming and editing. For him, he loves knowing all the things that he can do with filming and editing that most people do not even know is possible.

“He’s a cool friend, easy to talk to, chill. We became really close friends this year, but we knew each other before,” junior Marcos Zavala said.

Garcia’s favorite things to do are to play hockey and hang out with his friends. His favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Boston Red Sox. His favorite musician is Kendrick Lamar, and he loves his beats. “Money Trees” is his favorite song by Kendrick Lamar.

If he could have any super power, it would be to fly so he could get around faster. The coolest thing that he has done was going cliff diving into the ocean in Bermuda.

After graduation, he will miss the teachers here because they are the ones who got him through high school and taught him what he knows.  They are the ones who have helped him to get to where he is and will prepare him for future plans. He will also miss the sporting events. He always enjoys coming out and supporting the Tigers.

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