German Club Admires Apfelstrudel

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“Ach ja!” yells the Fleetwood Area High School German Club with excitement as they prepare to bake Apple Strudel.

On 17 August, the German Club held their annual Fall Baking Party. “Apfelstrudel” was the dish of choice.

Apfelstrudel comes from the German word “whirlpool” because the inside of the pastry resembles that. It is a traditional German pastry, which is very popular in southern German culture.

Keeping with tradition, the club used a technique called the “Jelly Roll Style,” where the pastry is flattened out until it is as thick as a newspaper and then rolled. The pastry was then filled with apple slices and golden raisins, which are commonly used in the original German recipe.

Everyone in the group had an important job in making the strudel a success. After twenty minutes of preparations, the smell of the German cuisine filled the FCS room.

“Much strudel, so happy,” sophomore Joshua Klopp said.

While experiencing a taste of Germany, the club members sang traditional German folk songs and told jokes as they enjoyed their first official meeting of the year.

The German Club meets every other Wednesday after school to expand their worldly experiences.

“The German Club’s primary focus is to gain cultural experiences along with enrichment of the German curriculum,” Club advisor and German teacher Mrs. Christine Moll said.

“We really enjoy being part of the club because it offers us the chance to expand on our language,” sophomore Max Ruemmler said.

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