Fall Fashion Is All about Boots and Bags

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The standard set by fall clothing is sky high this year. There are many different necessities, including sweaters, boots, and shoulder bags. It changed a lot from last year’s trend of wearing long skirts, crop tops, and fur coats. Bags and sweaters are the biggest trend this year.

“My favorite fall clothing is Ugg boots, Vans, and crew necks,” twelfth grader Lizzay Faust said.

Glamour says that multicolored rings are in this year. They could go with a striking-colored handbag. Big bags are out, and tiny bags are in style. Cuff bracelets and delicate rings are out this year, and striking rings and scarfs are in.

“I like Dark jeans, Ugg boots, and soft comfy sweaters,” eleventh grader Sophia Hadeed said.

Elle thinks that eye-caching jewelry, long sweaters, and black boots are big this year. Knit sweaters, tights, and knee-high boots are a favorite. Brown hair and less make-up are better than red lips and dark eye make-up, claims Elle.

“I enjoy wearing boots, sweaters, and scarfs,” eleventh grader Lacey Greiss said.\

Pink, white, and cream are the colors of this year, Seventeen magazine claims. Exotic skirts and flannel shirts are also a new trend. Plaid and floral are other patterns that are in this year. The new trending shoes are Vans, boots, and wedges.

“I prefer sweaters and sweat shirts,” twelfth grader Tyler Emge said.

Vogue loves big sweaters, leggings, and fuzzy coats. To complement the coats or sweaters are jeans, leggings, or long skirts. High boots, flats, or wedges compliment the outfit with bold necklaces or earrings. Small leather purses and knee-high boots are really in this year.

“I like to wear sweaters, jeans, and vans,” twelfth grader Gary Gabriel said.

Big and bold earrings, gold eye shadow, and shoulder bags are in. Long sweaters, hats, and bold shoes compliment any outfit when you are on the go. Big black sunglasses are a favorite this year.

“I love to wear high boots, sweaters, and leggings in the fall,” twelfth grader Katelyn Langford said.

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