9/11 Still Heartbreaking after Thirteen Years

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By CityFeedback, Copyright 2001

By CityFeedback, Copyright 2001

September eleventh was one of the darkest days in our America’s history. This September marked the thirteenth anniversary of when the Twin Towers in New York were under a terrorist attack, followed by a third plane hitting the Pentagon outside of Washington D.C., and a fourth plane crashing in a field in Pennsylvania.

This terrorist attack came from al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. 9/11 was not the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. There was a bombing in February of 1993 that killed six people. Up to 50,000 employees worked in the World Trade Center on a regular day, and 40,000 additionally passed through it.

The clean-up from 9/11 took nine months, and there were 1.8 million tons of debris.

Ceremonies were held all over the country, including in Reading, to honor the brave souls who risked their lives to save others, as well as for the families in grief.

“I watched the second plane hit the tower,” security guard John Hindman, who was a police officer at the time, said.  “We’ve become very nonchalant since this has occurred.”

This tragedy killed more than 3,000 people, including 400 firefighters and police officers.

“I was at the Daniel Boone library; it was very vivid,” history teacher Mr. Todd Weiss said.

“I think 9/11 has changed America because the airports have more security and people are more aware,” sophomore Brodrick Allen said.

Many people remember what they heard and saw that day on TV and their exact location.

“I was in Mrs. Eichenlaub’s seventh grade language arts class,” history teacher Mr. Josh Werstler said.

At the end of the Reading ceremony, officials rang the memorial bell – four series, five peals each, signaling the death of a firefighter.

“I think this has brought us together,” Hindman added.

The memorial included reading names of those who have died and a moment of silence remembering the victims.

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